Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Downtown Alive: Folk Alliance Mini Festival Tonight

This week's Downtown Alive concert is the Folk Alliance Mini Festival on the National Civil Rights Museum Plaza. Keith Sykes, Sid Selvidge, Nancy Apple and others will be performing. The music starts at 5pm. If you'd like to learn about the Folk Alliance, click here:

The Plaza - Just off South Main (between Nettleton and Huling). The Civil Rights Museum address is 450 Mulberry Street.

I just like the colors on these odd doors on Mulberry St across from the museum.

Sid Selvidge singing a version (and there are many) of "Boll Weevil". Very Southern. He is one of several artists who will be performing tonight.

About Sid Selvidge:

For those who don't know about boll weevils, here's some insight from Wikipedia: "The boll weevil is a beetle which feeds on cotton buds and flowers that migrated into the U.S. from Mexico in the late 19th century and had infested all U.S. cotton-growing areas by the 1920s, causing severe devastation to the industry. Various songs had been written and performed about this insect during the period by different musicians."

I wondered what was meant by the line in this song when the farmer says "first time I seen boll weevil a sittin' on that square," and discovered that after cotton blooms, the swelling bud opens to expose the lint (the cotton fiber itself) and that is called a 'square'.

So if you're into folk and traditional music tonight's mini festival is for you.


Anonymous said...

here we are, now I can put my comment : I am really impressed by the cultural dynamism of Memphis, almost as dynamic as London, Paris or Barcelona, isn't it. And I am learning a lot with your blog...seriously. Thank you

K & M

Ms. Liminal said...

Glad to hear it. Being a world traveler, you should know that every place has a soul. And Memphis has a soul, for sure.