Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ice Cream

There is a shortage of ice cream downtown. Maggie Moo's is still in Peabody Place but that's the problem - it's in Peabody Place so it's easy to forget it's there. Not to mention the fact that generally people are confused about Peabody Place and what's still open and what shops and restaurants have bit the dust. Rumors and wild speculation abound as to its fate but for now at least you can get ice cream there.
The case at Maggie Moo's inside the Peabody Place mall.

The closet-size Ben and Jerry's at Third and Peabody Place. Very disappointing. Yes, I was able to get my favorite flavor (Phish Food) in a cone but honestly this place is just big enough to allow three customers enough room to stand on top of each other and look inside a case of about 12 flavors which are unappealingly displayed. Enough said.
That's it. Those are the ice cream shop options downtown.

Poppy was appalled by the fact that I would walk her at lunch time when everyone is out and then tie her up outside while I went inside to buy an ice cream cone. Just humiliating.
Back in the fall the Memphis Business Journal reported that a couple of doctors bought the building at 59 S. Main and were renovating it to become an urgent care facility/apartments/café/Italian ice cream shop. Talk about mixed-use! Anyway, I'm not making that up and I'm all for the ice cream. It looks like work has started but anyone who lives downtown and has observed the many construction projects knows how painfully slow it all happens. Maybe we can have some gelato by 2009.