Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Spills Over into River Arts Fest Downtown

Blue Fin on Main Street had several nicely carved pumpkins out on display on their patio last night.

The Rumba Room was fun last night. There was a guy dressed like dracula roaming around and another guy in a kilt salsa-ing all over the place, yet the only thing I wanted to take a picture of was these lights. Down at the trolley tour the best costume I saw was guy dressed like the tooth fairy, complete with pink tutu, tulle wings and a bag of teeth. Although runner up should go to the guy dressed like Michael Donohue, the Commercial Appeal writer. If you're not from Memphis that won't mean anything but believe me it's funny. There were a couple of Michael Phelps, one Sarah Palin and a drunk pilot. Halloween is great.

Today is first day of the River Arts Fest on South Main between Huling and Carolina. There are tons of artists down there. On display you will find paintings, photographs, jewelry, glass and many other forms of art. The festival continues tomorrow from 10 - 5. As far as food Coletta's, Crepe Maker and BBQ (forgot who) are vendors there not to mention all the restaurants on S. Main: Spindini, Pearl's Oyster Bar, Onyx, Harry's, The Arcade, Green Beetle. I stopped in the new Frank's Deli at Vance and South Main and had a great sandwich. If the weather tomorrow is as perfect as today's I will definitely go back down there.