Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Than Manhole Covers; Marker #2

I managed to take the first half of Jimmy Ogle's manhole cover tour at lunch time yesterday. As well as learning things like why most manhole covers are round and what the holes in them are called, we ended up learning a lot about the history of Memphis, the Mississippi River and a bit about some of the historically significant buildings along the tour. As a result of this tour I will now be cursed with looking at manhole covers wherever I go. Tuesday tours come back around in September. Jimmy Ogle will also teach a Memphis History class this Fall at the University of Memphis as part of their Continuing Education program.

Today's marker is Marker #2 on the south side of Union near Front. The CCC has a marker map waiting for me at their front desk which I will need as I happened upon Marker #49 (!) in Court Square last night. I have no idea yet how many markers there are and would have never guessed there were that many.
The Woolen Building:


megany09 said...

Since I can't go take the tour, I'll just keep reading your blog!

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

What is the Woolen Building now?

Michelle said...

Thanks and we'll see if I can find all the markers.

The Woolen bldg now houses the Memphis Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Karen said...

I am enjoying the Memphis history! I'd like to get a copy of this map of the markers. Any suggestions? Karen

Michelle said...

We have several options: Send me an email at and I will be happy to scan in the map and email it to you. Or you could call the Center City Commission at 901-575-0540 and ask for a copy. Or, a reader named Ian sent me a link to a Google map he created which has many of the markers on it. That link is