Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lost Cutie in South Main

A reader sent me the message below about the lost dog pictured above. A kind friend of his has taken her in while they search for the owner :

"There has been a stray dog around S. Main probably not for too long but at least a week. My wife spotted her last night in the lot next to Harry's Detour and was able to get her to come over. She was a little timid but was obviously a people lover, not a born stray. She almost immediately offered up her belly, and took to a leash immediately. Our friend Mikey took her in last night and cleaned her up, got her fed and safe, and now we're trying to spread the word and find this little girl a home or reunite her with her original owners."

Email inquiries to

It would be great to have a happy ending for a dog rather that the horrible news we've been hearing about the idiots at the
Animal Shelter. I never write things like that on the blog but the pathetic people who allowed those things to happen deserve it.

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