Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dog Boots and Chickens

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Poppy had surgery a couple of weeks ago for a stomach ulcer. Yesterday she had her nasty little stitches removed and then her little belly promptly popped open last night. So back we went to the vet today to have her re-stitched. She's not happy with this because re-stitching means wearing the Elizabethan collar and having her back feet wrapped up again so she can't scratch her stitches out. Further, in order to try to keep her foot wraps clean the vet suggested I put plastic sandwich bags over them. I did that and let me just say I won't do it again. Not only is it a pain to do every time we go out for a walk but they don't really work that well. Someone else suggested baby socks which sounds better except for walking in the rain or in the dew soaked grass in the morning. So, I found the above pictured boots at Hollywood Feed today which are waterproof and can be adjusted with the velcro straps to fit her stick-like back legs. While these may solve my problems I'm unsure as to Poppy's reaction when she sees these things. They are not exactly attractive and they vaguely resemble the Chevron logo. I know that when I told her I'd buy her some boots she was thinking more along the lines of a nice pair of Aquatalia's or maybe some La Canadienne's.

As if buying these ridiculous dog boots wasn't weird enough, on my drive back to the office I went down a street in midtown I'm sure I've never been on in my life. I turned down the street purely to get away from the pokey driver in front of me. While driving down this odd avenue I happened to look to my left just across a vacant lot and saw a bunch of chickens (Mary - there were boy and girl chickens in this particular herd) strutting back and forth. I don't normally see chicken flocks in the middle of town so I was surprised and had to stop for a picture because I knew no one would believe me.


Anonymous said...

I like the fancy boots of Poppy. You have to tell her that they come from the last Chanel collection.

K & M

Michelle said...

I'll try that but she keeps up with fashion so she's probably see through my ruse.

cdmemphis said...

I want chickens. Maybe not that many, but just enough for eggs. It seems like there was an article about urban chickens in one of the papers in the past couple years, but I could be making that up.

Michelle said...

You're right! I found this article from the Flyer...

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

I received a call from Poppy regarding these so called boots. Here is what she had to say.

"Auntie Gina!!!! Pleeeese help my mama!!!! She ain't right!!! She got me wearin some Indian looking things she call boots!! Lor, I look ridiculous. Girl, please come and help her cuz I caint go around like this. My nerves are soooo beh yed. My belly is stickin out and now she want me to look like some kind of Pocahontas woman. Peace Out and SOS

Luv, Poppy, your loving, cute and wonderful niece.