Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Favorites for Friday

Try some nice Chilean Pinot Noir alongside your oxtails at Benito's Wine Reviews

La Tavola Marche find out about the polenta festival and who is the Condoleeza Rice of the Ugly Club - from Marche, Italy.

Congratulations to
Air Traffic Mike on his 400th post and the varied trajectory of his blogging.(I get it, ATM, I really get it!)

Get great Memphis music news at
Area Code Greetings - recent posts about "The Summers" and Barcelona loves Memphis Blues!

Gilmour Girl Goes Memphis starts the 31 day yoga challenge today.

A Verbal Snippet

Yesterday, I was at a gathering of a couple of hundred people and there were a fair number of them from out of town. I met a guy who had been involved in some business a few years back in Memphis and this was the first time he had been back in a while. Please pay attention all you people who constantly bash Memphis. His comment was this, "Memphis is my favorite city. My wife was surprised when I told her that. She said you've been to Miami, New York, New Orleans and so many other places, why Memphis? And I said it's the people. You come here and you feel something you don't feel anywhere else. I just love it." By the way I heard two other people say more or less the same thing. I heart the love.