Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missing Missoni and Purchasing Prada

Back in May I posted on a Five Favorites for Friday a few items I'd like to have, one of which was a Missoni dress. I was unaware at the time that Target was planning to offer Missoni for Target for a very limited time this Fall. The line is available in stores starting today. The Missoni for Target multi-page spread in this month's Vogue looked great with models posed in colorful Missoni style in front of the imposing white Duomo. So, on my lunch hour today I ventured out to the Middle East to have a look-see, being a Missoni fan. There was NOTHING left just four hours after the store opened. The stuff flew off the racks, even the men's Missoni had been picked over. The Target website has been down all day as well. The goods are already all over Ebay. Target will re-stock but it seems all too tragic now. See here and here and here as well.

Sans Missoni, I made my way back downtown. I stopped in Toad Hall antiques for a friend who had sent me there to give my opinion on something he was considering buying. While there I saw, sitting very randomly and casually on a table, a pair of classic Prada shoes with a Target price tag. Che sorpresa! Italy is calling out to me today, no? I thought, sure but they're probably a size 5.5. Nope, they were MY SIZE. Meant to be!


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

I think The Missoni brought you the Prada shoes in your time of distress.

Olivia C. said...

I want to see these shoes! You did buy them didn't you???

Park Girl said...

I bet the Prada shoes will be beautiful with the 3 Missoni items I bought yesterday but are going back to the store - or maybe I should try Ebay too!

Michelle said...

So it's Divine Fashion Intervention?

Yes, they are on my feet right now.

Park Girl,
Why are you taking them back??