Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grizzlies Win; Down By the Rising River

A friend bought a Grizzlies headband for me to wear during Game 6, which I did as a wristband. I just thought maybe wearing it as a headband would be too reminiscent of Bjorn Borg. It's the long hair. If I had a super short cut maybe it would be cool. Whatever. It's now my door ornament and is covering my small sign "Chien Gentil, Maitre Lunatique". The GRIZZLIES won Game 1 of series two 114-101 against Oklahoma City. Don't stop believing!

Today the river gauge shows just over 42 feet. A reader requested I show a picture of the river from my roof. But since it won't mean much to people who don't see the river everyday I also posted a shot from when the river is at it's normal level so the difference is obvious.

Above - the river today. Looks like Mud Island is being swallowed whole. Below - normal, or actually a bit low.

And as is typical during Memphis in May Music Fest, the bad weather is here. And for a while today instead of the sound of music coming from the park, we heard:


But the MIM staff are pros at working with, around and through bad weather. MIM tweets:!/memphisinmay