Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Winner; Memphis Music & Heritage Festival

Finally a winner has emerged from the 1000th post quiz! Memphis Sarah gave it her best shot but in the end Anonymous K&M was victorious. The answers to my riddle "Memphistanista has appeared in print and press, in which two places you must guess" are:

Print: I wrote the text for Memphis artist David Lynch's calendars (read that post here)

Press: I was mentioned in the Commercial Appeal for the Vin d'Orange recipe I posted  (see that article here)

Congratulations Anonymous K&M! I will send you the Buddy Guy CD and I hope you enjoy it.

Labor Day Weekend downtown means the Center for Southern Folklore Memphis Music and Heritage Festival. It's this Saturday and Sunday 11a - 11p both days. This is a FREE festival featuring a ton of great music on four stages - two outdoor stages and two indoor stages. The location is Main Street between Gayoso and Peabody Place. It seems to get bigger and better each year. But there's lots more than music: food, arts & crafts, and lots of activities for kids. See the festival website HERE for the entire program and schedules.