Friday, June 1, 2012

Memphistanista to Lyonista?

The news is, in case you missed the giant title of this blog, I am moving to France. What do you think about that? I will be busy with a multitude of moving details over the next couple of weeks and so will not have time to post very much, if at all. I will, of course, continue blogging from the beautiful city of Lyon very soon. For now here's a compare and contrast list to ponder while I'm trying to decide how many bags I can check on the plane without having to take out a loan:

Memphis: Founded by James Winchester, Andrew Jackson and John Overton in 1819 
Lyon: Founded by the Romans in 43 BC

Memphis: Mississippi River
Lyon: 2 rivers -  Rhône & Saône

Memphis: cotton was king
Lyon: silk was king

Memphis: Grizzlies
Lyon: Olympic Lyonnaise

Memphis: BBQ
Lyon: bouchons

Memphis: artesian water
Lyon:  Côtes du Rhône and Beaujolais

Memphis: humid subtropical climate
Lyon: borderline oceanic-humid subtropical climate

Memphis: greater metro population 1,316,100
Lyon: greater metro population 2,118,132

Fear: I won't be able to make Mexican food; I realized lately that I eat a lot of it at home.
Silver lining: French bread and cheeses could be a good substitute.

Known Fear: There are no Aveda salons there.
Silver lining: Yves Rocher is Aveda-like.

Known Fear: Je ne parle pas français.
Silver lining: There is no silver lining. Well, I will be taking French classes five days a week for several hours a day. Is that a silver lining?

No doubt there will be more fears and silver linings to come. I know I have a lot of 'splaining to do..I'll get to it!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you will have lot of success and happiness in Lyon...

K & M