Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tour de France and Shake & Bake

I had to drop off some small items at my parents house last weekend and my Dad was watching the French Open. This reminded me of another well loved sporting event in France, the Tour de France which is coming up at the end of June.  So I was curious to see if it would be near Lyon at any point. It skirts pretty close as you can see; to the South is stage 12 below:

And stage 10 is to the North:

How exciting!
Now I feel I should let you know that my little flat is not in Lyon proper but just outside of Lyon in a place called Caluire et Cuire. It's so close though that downtown Lyon is only 10 minutes away.  I have been to several websites about Caluire et Cuire while researching my soon to be new home. During these browsing sessions I have come across an English translation of Caluire et Cuire, which is Caluire and Bake. I thought that odd until I discovered that the verb "cuire" means to cook or to bake in French. Caluire, apparently has no meaning, thus Caluire and Bake. Stick with me, this gets better. I'm about to amaze (or sadden) myself as I segue from Tour de France to Talladega Nights in one post. So, naturally when I saw Caluire and Bake my thoughts turned to the movie Talledega Nights, in which a Frenchman and the word "bake" are featured prominently. If you don't know what I mean, please watch this (brief background, an American driver takes on a French driver at Talladega): 

That just happened.
And so now I refer to my future new home town as Shake & Bake.  Oh Dear.  

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Olivia C. said...

shake and bake, baby, shake and bake! best movie ever. so glad that's your new hometown. oh. and I'm happy you're back to blogging! :)