Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things You Don't Expect to See in Vieux Lyon (like Teeth of the on)

Once a month our class takes a trip to some interesting place in Lyon. Today we braved the cold wind and rain and headed to the Miniature and Film Museum in the Old City. Here we saw a large collection of miniatures of all kinds and a collection of original film props. I had just finished reading "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" two weeks ago but I have not seen the movie. So, I was surprised to see some of the set designs from the movie (called Perfume) like Grenouille's workshop and Baldini's perfume shop set in 18th century France.

The model of the flying ship from the 2011 movie "The Three Musketeers"

Costume from the movie "Gladiator"

This was cool to see : a USA Today prop from the movie "Castaway". It was interesting to see so many props like this one that are made with mind blowing attention to detail. This "USA Today" is complete with a photo caption and an "article" about the rescue of Tom Hank's character.

The guns look real don't they? They are props from various movies like "Munich", "The American" and "The Bourne Supremacy". The one from the film "The American" is made of foam rubber and resin.

Model of the Lewis & Clark spacecraft from the movie "Event Horizon"

This is the Jaws shark puppet that was used in scenes where the full sized mechanical shark could not be used. The French title for "Jaws" is "Teeth of the Sea". I'm snickering.

I was so busy snapping photos of the movie collection that I didn't get any of the miniatures collection. There were miniatures of famous places in Lyon and of various scenes from all over the world. 


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Very interesting. Love the USA Today mostly because of the "fine print"...returned to Memphis, TN.

Just for the record and please take my advice, "DO NOT SEE THE AMERICAN". It has to be the single most boring movie I have ever, ever watched in my life. I love you George Clooney, but this one was just bad.

Love "the teeth of the sea" and the puppet is hilarious.

Michelle said...

Too late - I saw The American and yes, it was unremarkable except for the setting.