Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Light Testing

Tonight we made a tour of some of the main streets and squares of Lyon just to look at the Christmas lights. We also discovered that in order to get ready for the Fête des Lumières the creative teams of all the many projections and light shows around town were testing, so we got a sneak preview of a few buildings and monuments.  Between all of the regular street lights that will stay up until Christmas and the special light installations that will only be up for the four day festival, Lyon will be especially beautiful in the coming days.

The sidewalks of this street were lined with lighted Christmas trees every few feet and blue up-lighting on the buildings and trees.

One side of the Pont Lafayette installation was lit, the other side dark for the moment.

 The entire length of Rue Edouard-Herriot is punctuated with hearts

Not sure what this will eventually be but we'll see soon enough.

Sorry the Fourvière Basilica is out of focus. It was changing colors by slowly fading from blue to violet to gold to white. I got a better shot  below of the words "Thank You Mary" lit up in white lights just to the right of the basilica.

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Very pretty. Love lots of lights. It makes everything so nice.