Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bonnes Affaires

 It's time for the winter sales which start tomorrow and run for a few weeks. The only other sale period in France is in the summer. These two sales periods are set by the government and they are the only times that shops are allowed to sell things at a loss. For clothes this means that everything, except the new Spring arrivals, goes on sale. 

The Perfect Storm for the Bargain Hunter?
For the first few days the discounts tend to be 20 - 30% and the deals get better as the weeks go by. However, I've read that due to the economic crisis people do not plan to spend as much this year during the sales. Since retailers are anxious to clear out last year's stock to make room for new stock we could expect to see 60% - 70% off during the first days this year. Some shops downtown were closed today to get ready but they'll all be open tomorrow between 8 and 8:30 a.m. 

I did a tiny bit of shopping during the summer sales but didn't pay too much attention as I was still so new to the city that I hadn't even had a chance to figure out how to get around much less how to identify the best shops with the best deals. I'm a little more savvy now and I have a strategy planned out for tomorrow that involves rising at 7, doing some stretching and warming up, eating a protein packed breakfast and wearing layers so that I will not need a dressing room. I even have my bus and metro routes planned out so that I can get from place to place in the fastest way possible. Ha. Take that! You see how complicated life is without Target and TJMaxx? And a car! I wish this one was mine...

 I'll be going here....
 ...and to Alice Delice, a great kitchen goods store and a half dozen other shops.

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