Sunday, January 13, 2013


Continuing a restaurant related theme, I'm posting a few more restaurant photos, since all things food related are taken seriously in this culinary capital. We ate at a well know brasserie called  Leon de Lyon  last night, pictured below. It's been operating since 1904 and the interior is beautifully decorated in warm golds and reds that set off the many large paintings on the walls. The walls of a hallway connecting dining rooms is loaded with interesting photos of the restaurant through the years and the area downstairs by the bathrooms has one glass wall that shows off the impressive wine cellar. 

Oh, and the food was delicious. An amuse bouche arrived right away which was a tasty black olive tapenade with bread. We then both ordered the menu (entree+ plat principal+ dessert); we each had the soup to start which was a creamy leek and potato soup. I had the haddock with a coriander sauce and vegetables and the Mont Blanc for dessert which was chestnut ice cream, mousse, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. My friend ordered the lamb with a potato pancake and he had a galette des rois for dessert. And to top it off the menu is very reasonably priced at 23 so you get a lot for your money. 

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

It all sounds very delicious especially the chestnut ice cream.