Friday, February 15, 2013

Photos From Abel to Rue de la Fromagerie

 After a great lunch (see notes below) I took some photos on what became a mild and partly-sunny Friday. We haven't seen the sun for almost two weeks so I was happy to get out and at least enjoy some intermittent sun.

This dog belongs to the owner of this tobacco shop. He looks like he's either seriously thinking about smoking one of those pipes and discussing the news about the Pope or he's sick and tired of smelling tobacco and has decided to go outside. With that beard, I'd peg him as a pipe smoker.

There was an article in the latest issue of Bon Gout, a local food magazine, about Abel's recently winning the title of the best bouchon of the year (2012). There are only 18 bouchons that are officially recognized and certified as authentic. The article confirmed what I already knew, the quality of the food, the old world decor and the friendly staff at Abel are top notch. We ate there today and for once I didn't order the quenelle but instead had the chicken with morels in a cream sauce. A corner table at Abel:

 The courtyard of the Printing Museum

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