Thursday, February 28, 2013

The First Movie Ever Made Was Made in Lyon

Today my  French class visited the Institute Lumière, which is the former mansion, now a museum, of the two brothers who made the first motion picture. The brothers, Auguste and Louis, invented the cinematograph in their factory which was located just behind the mansion. In 1895 they filmed their employees leaving the factory. The film was only 46 seconds long but it is regarded as the first motion picture ever made and it was the start of the motion picture industry. Click HERE for details about the two brothers, their films and their inventions and to see great pictures of the mansion. I did not have my camera with me again today and took these photos of the mansion, which are not so great, with my phone.

Interesting facts about the mansion: It was very rare that a house built in 1902 would have had electric lights, which you see on the ceiling of this room. The house also had heat and a telephone; there were only 5 telephones in Lyon at the time.

Below are three existing versions of the film called "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory in Lyon", or "La Sortie des usines Lumière à Lyon" in French. There is music set to this video but there was no music accompanying the original film. It's funny to me that there's a mischievous dog darting about in each version. The entrance that the workers are seen coming out of is still there today though the actual factory is long gone. This morning we were standing in this exact spot looking toward the old walls and beams of this entrance, so it felt kind of cool being right there. The street, by the way, is called Rue du Premier Film.

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