Monday, March 4, 2013

Cost of Transportation

 An old train station in Shake & Bake which is now apparently used solely for tagging.
Speaking of trains, the TGV, high speed train, costs about $88 round trip from Lyon to Paris when booked two weeks in advance.  Or as they call it here the Train á Grande Vitesse, which sounds much cooler. And it is in fact way cool because you can get to Paris in 2 hours flat.
For $73 dollars (56 euros) I get a bus/metro/tram pass that's unlimited for one month. That's $18.25 dollars a week (14.04 euros). Here's my bus stop that I take to the Commercial Center aka shopping center aka very small little indoor mall, to do my grocery shopping at the Auchan hypermarché - also sounds cooler than "Super Auchan".
 Slightly depressing, no?

And below is said Shopping Center named Caluire 2. They even have a website.
Not sure why that surprises me, but it does.

Gas prices today: Unleaded Supreme is about $8.06 a gallon (that's 1.64 euros a liter/6.19 euros a gallon). Do the math. I'm happy with my bus card. 

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

No wonder they don't have big cars.