Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From Hollywood to Marrakech: So Glam -So Chic - So Swag

Posting photos today because it was a tough one and I needed to get out, walk and clear my head. Above is a poster left over from New Year's Eve. If I had known that DJ's Kimo and Nags were proposing dinner and a show that promised to be glam, chic AND swag, I would have been there.  Oh well, maybe next year.
 Packing up : The end of today's farmers market

Interesting graffiti (stencil on duct tape maybe?) on one of the pedestrian bridges across the Soane. It's too bad some hooligan peeled off the part in the middle. What's the world coming to when people don't even respect what's been vandalised? Should we call this vandal on vandal art?  

One of the famous murals in Lyon on the Nardone Glacier (ice cream shop) in Vieux Lyon, the old city. It was too cold for ice cream today, evidently.

A gargoyle peers down from a windowsill to a narrow, cobble-stoned street in Vieux Lyon.

 The small patio of an Indian restaurant

I wandered into a traboule.

The doors of City Hall. Yes, that's a brass baby for a door handle. 

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

I must say the brass baby takes the cake!