Monday, June 10, 2013

La Pâtisserie de la Semaine and Summer

The pâtisserie of the week is the Bolero.  It's covered in a thin coat of raspberry sauce with two sugared almonds on top. The inside is an almond-vanilla mouse with a raspberry compote inside and it sits on a thin almond wafer. It's the same concept as the Zephyr à la violette but this had bold flavors whereas the zephry had a subtle and unexpected flavor combination.

Here is my bolero all wrapped up and hidden away in it's little to-go box. I've never mentioned the nice way pâtisseries bundle up little individual pastries to go. They nearly look gift wrapped.

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Summer is here at last....
Late afternoon sun on the pastel-colored buildings along the Saône river

People sitting and walking along the Rhône river - just down a bit further from this spot are all the floating bars and restaurants which have been packed full of people out enjoying the first real days of summer.

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

The raspberry thing looks like a space ship. The scenery is very pretty. Long live summer!