Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Be Polite by TCL

The bus/metro/tram system in Lyon (TCL) has seen a need to launch a campaign aimed at reminding its users to be polite. I use the buses every day and I confirm this campaign is necessary. There are posters at bus stops and in the metro like the one above which says, "In a hurry to get on? STOP and let people get off first". Seems basic, right... and yet there are others that tell people to give their seat to the elderly or to pregnant women, not to listen to loud music or talk loudly on their phones. Today I discovered that they have posted corresponding videos on their Facebook page illustrating the proper way to behave to, so to speak, drive the point home, no pun intended. The video for the "let people get off first" poster features a guy dressed out in an American football uniform ploughing his way out of the metro. I can relate. See it HERE. But even funnier are some of the posted comments, like:

"Why is it that when you say "bonjour" to the bus driver he doesn't say anything back?"

"Before telling users how to act, start by being irreproachable with your service."

"We'll talk about knowing how to behave when the T3 Tram works like it should and the Metro is air conditioned in July."

Ah, good times with public transportation...at least it's becoming more entertaining if not polite.

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